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At New Jersey Natural Family Health, we provide our patients with healthcare based on a natural approach to integrative medicine. Our approach is unique because we are deeply rooted in the ancient methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but have an in-depth knowledge of Western Medicine. Because most patients are currently under the care of a Western Medical physician, this method of practice allows us to utilize the theory and modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine while incorporating a modern understanding of the symptoms and diseases that patients are facing in today's world.

​​Dr. Shannon DiCarlo, a registered nurse and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, reviews the health history of every patient, develops a treatment plan that is specific to his or her needs, and addresses not only the particular health issue that a patient arrives to address, but the root cause of pain, illness, or unexplained symptoms.

​We believe educating patients on what they can do to contribute to their own health is an important part of achieving full wellness. We take the time to explain our treatment plan, and supply patients with the tools they need to work with us to restore health.

We collaborate with many of Northern New Jersey's top physicians and are proud to receive referrals from the area's finest specialists.



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Nutrition and Lifestyle

Conditions and Diseases Effectively Treated by Acupuncture

In my years of practice, there have been very few conditions or diseases that have not responded positively to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. During my time at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, I conducted three IRB-approved studies to examine the effectiveness of this medicine. I’m a practitioner who greatly respects research, so I felt it appropriate to include a list of conditions and diseases.

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